Welcome to Accessibility Doctor!

We are Joshua Muheim and Markus Graf. We are fullstack web developer and accessibility expert.

Joshua built up his expertise as part of the inclusive team of the foundation "Access for all". The peak of his work there was the launch of the «Accessibility Developer Guide».

As freelancers we offer comprehensive consulting and collaboration on topics related to accessibility of electronic media, especially websites and mobile apps.

We support you with pleasure directly on site, as well as independently of location by telephone, email and video conference. We speak fluently German and English.

Whether consulting regarding official guidelines such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), live testing of your products for typical deficiencies of accessibility, coaching of developers or active work in your team: We offer pragmatic and flexible solutions for different requirements. With minimal effort We are optimally goal-oriented for you and your project.

Our motto is: if possible less theory and paperwork on our part, but active involvement and thus empowerment on your part. This leads to traceable, tangible results.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Course in Web Accessibility at the School of Design Zurich (FS19)

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For the study in Interaction Design HF at the School of Design Zurich, we were allowed to conduct a training course on the topic of Web Accessibility over several course days.

Workshop at Frontend Conf 2018

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We were happy that Joshua been holding a workshop at Frontend Conference 2018 in Zurich.

In this full day workshop Joshua explained how to implement autocomplete widgets that truly work for all, based on the Accessibility Developer Guide's autosuggest widget.

Successful go-live of the ADG

Joshuas vision has come true: after years of work, on June 19th, the Accessibility Developer Guide (ADG) has finally been released to the public. Around 100 interested persons attended the event in Zürich.

Joshua is the initiator and main contributor of the ADG, but finally it was a communal effort by the Accessibility Alliance. The project is 100% Open Source.

Joshua Muheim presenting the ADG

Joshua Muheim presenting the ADG

The ADG was developed under the keyword "by developers - for developers" in order to support them practically, concretely and pragmatically in the creation of accessible web offers. It is the only resource like this, and as such our legacy to «Access for all» (but we will continue to work on it as part of the Open Source community).

Official announcement
Der Accessibility Developer Guide (ADG) ist da!
Video recording
ADG Launch Event (YouTube)

Introductory statements

Definition Accessibility

Electronic media are designed in such a way that they can also be used by people with disabilities without difficulty or outside help.

Source: Duden.de

Our firm conviction

  • Good, clean code is at the same time simple, long-living (robust), well maintainable, automated testable, and thus already as far as possible accessible.
  • Accessibility is completely compatible with innovativity, interactivity and attractive design.
  • Accessibility promotes the overall quality of a project far beyond the obvious areas (code quality, search engine optimization, usability).
  • The additional costs are low if accessibility is included right from the start.

But be careful: Accessibility is not a self-runner!

Years of experience with dozens of projects has shown me time and again that the pursuit of accessibility without profound knowledge is in most cases doomed to failure - especially if one tries to optimize a project only afterwards.

Competent advice is therefore invaluable. And that's where we come in!

Welcome offer: Free "get to know" session!

Whether consultation or live-test of your website - the first session via video conference is absolutely free for you!

An ongoing live test of a website (via Skype)

An ongoing live test of a website (via Skype)

You will be amazed what you will learn about accessibility in such a short time - and then consider whether you want to take advantage of our services.

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