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During a 15-minute demo session, you will have the opportunity to see for yourself our skills live, and we will also see if the chemistry between us is right.

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What does a trial session look like?

We invite you to a video conference using the software Zoom.us (free of charge, no installation required).

The session will focus on checking your website: We will share our desktop with you so that you can experience live how your website performs during the various tests. You will also see which tools we use for this purpose (e.g. screen reader, contrast checker, etc.).

Of course, you can ask questions and make comments at any time. And in the end we will discuss what further cooperation might look like.

Including video recording of the session!

After the session, we'll send you a video recording of the session. So you can go through it again and discuss it with your team or supervisor.

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The first session always lasts 15 minutes and is 100% free.

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