We are

Markus is always open to new technologies, eager to learn and adapt to new situations. Simplicity is his passion when it comes to code. He has a strong opinion and tries to analyze everything as objective as possible. What he is doing must have a good reason and a measurable output. Work is not just to earn money for him.

Joshua is perceiving himself as technically experienced and open-hearted person: For him, joy and sense at work are not illusory nice-to-haves, but highest priority. He loves to create and turn visions into reality - with heart, hand and mind. He likes to do things, both as part of a team and alone. Joshua is having a sabatical at the moment and is enjoying to travel around the globe.

Fully qualified

  • We are technically experienced fullstack web developers with 10+ years of experience in the frontend and backend.
  • We are broadly professional Accessibility Consultants. Joshua is having 4 years of professional experience as part of the inclusive team of the Foundation "Access for all", half of which is made up of people with physical disabilities (such as the blind).

  • Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Joshua with minor in Computer Science, Markus with minor in Neuroinformatics and Environmental Studies).

Besides our expertise in web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), we have profound theoretical and practical knowledge of the relevant international guidelines:

Joshua can also count on years of experience in handling assistive technologies such as screen reader, zoom, high contrast and switch control (keyboard only), both on Desktop (Windows, macOS) and Mobile platforms (iOS, Android).

Markus Graf

Markus Graf

Joshua Muheim

Joshua Muheim

Founder of the «Accessibility Developer Guide»

Screenshot of the ADG

Screenshot of the ADG

The best reference for our skills is the «Accessibility Developer Guide» (ADG), the comprehensive online platform for developing accessible websites.

Joshua am the initiator and main contributor of the ADG: as an employee of «Access for all», he conceived it over several years on his own initiative and from 2017 finally developed it as an official project with the foundation. Most of the contents come from his pen.

Over the past few months, a group of several renowned Swiss web agencies has formed around the ADG:

As «Accessibility Alliance» we will officially hand over the ADG to the public on 19 June 2018 as an Open Source project.

Even after Joshuas departure from «Access for all», we will continue to be actively involved in the further development of the ADG as part of the open source community.

Flexible to your needs

Be it a consulting on site, a hack session directly in your code together with your developers, a live test session of your website "per remote" (incl. video recording of it) or an individual webinar:

With our experience we form the optimal interface for the otherwise often difficult gap between providers of electronic media and the needs of affected end users.

We therefore support you actively and specifically in developing simple and nevertheless modern, technically clean solutions which are 100% accessible for any requirements.

Tell us what you need and we will work out a pragmatic way together, which will support you quickly and goal-oriented with minimum effort.

Joshua (right) at an ADG hack day of the «Accessibility Alliance»

Joshua (right) at an ADG hack day of the «Accessibility Alliance»