Hourly rate

Here in Switzerland there is a common conviction: "You don't talk about wages." We think this is apathetic (because who benefits this attitude the most?) and we like to talk about wage issues.

Especially since our services as an accessibility expert with a profound developer background are worth their good money.

CHF 150.- per hour

Each of our working hours costs CHF 150.-, regardless of whether we are consultants or programmers. We will round to quarters.

For on-site visits we charge both travel expenses (public transport) and CHF 50 per hour (round trip).

Special target agreements can be made for longer-term contracts.

NGO/NPO Pricing available

For non-profit and similar projects we like to work at more favorable conditions. Please get in touch with us.

25% Philanthropie

To be honest: who needs CHF 150 per hour? What an absurd world in which some are allowed to skim off the cream, while others deserve only a fraction for the same performance.

In order to make a small contribution to counteract this, we donate a quarter of our earnings to meaningful projects that require financial resources.

We do this voluntarily and out of inner conviction.