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At the heart of our services is the consistent transfer of our expertise to the customer through learning by doing - in accordance with the principle "helping people to help themselves".

Whether at your location or "remotely" via video telephony: We help fast, target-oriented and efficient.


We advise you on all sorts of accessibility issues, in particular:

We are happy to provide information on everyday questions that arise in most projects, for example:

  • When should accessibility be considered in a project?
  • What has to be considered with the visual layout?
  • Which third-party code libraries (widgets, templates) are accessible?
  • Is there a "compromise" that leads to respectable accessibility with little effort?

Live Remote Accessibility Testing

During a Screen-Sharing (Wikipedia.org) session with you We test your website live for typical problems of accessibility - concrete and easy to understand!

Your advantages:

  • You experience live, which weaknesses your Website exhibits
  • You will learn the relevant tools and techniques yourself (and apply them)
  • We constantly make recommendations on how weaknesses should be optimized
  • You can immediately ask questions and make comments

The complete session is then made available to you as video recording, so that you can watch it again as needed and follow everything at your own pace. In addition, you will receive a specific list of links to the tools, techniques and further information relevant to you.

Welcome offer: Free "get to know" session!

Whether consultation or live-test of your website - the first session via video conference is absolutely free for you!

An ongoing live test of a website (via Skype)

An ongoing live test of a website (via Skype)

You will be amazed what you will learn about accessibility in such a short time - and then consider whether you want to take advantage of our services.

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Coaching and Training

We would love to share our knowledge, preferably directly on screen, with your developers and within your project code.

As Coaches we accompany developers over a longer period of time and support them in acquiring all necessary technical skills for accessibility.

We also offer Workshops and Webinars tailored to your specific needs.

Whenever it comes to imparting technical knowledge about accessibility, we claim to be a good choice.

Contract work

According to your requirements, we will be happy to create concrete technical solutions (prototypes) for you, which meet the requirements of accessibility.

Or we code for your project as part of your team, preferably with the usual tools like GitHub or Jira.